Standard Operating Protocol

SOP(Standard Operating Protocol) is a standard procedure for NGS-based analysis including those of cancer genomes. NGS-based cancer genome analysis comprise many steps, each of which requires installation of softwares and commands for excusion, it requires an computational expertise as well as an understanding of individual procedures.

1. The procedures of genome analysis can be standardized so that the analytic procedures and the results are consistent across researchers and facilities.
2. The SOP as a set of combined commands can be a unit for fixation and transfer.
3. The analytics as well as the sequencing technologies are rapidly developing, so that the SOPs can be frequently updated and it should be kept in mind that current SOPs may be further optimized and may not cover the cutting edge issues (concerns).

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1. WGS-SNV.indel

2. WES-SNV.indel

3. Whole Genome Assembly

4. mRNA-seq

5. sRNA-seq

6. DNA Copy Number

7. Multidimensional Analyses