WGS – WES – Panel seq – WTS


Whole-Exome or Whole-Genome Sequencing are becoming popular since they can capture the gene- or genome-level genomic alterations. The roles of mutations or genomic alterations beyond the well-recognized cancer genes and even in noncoding areas are not becoming recognized recently.

Target-sequencing(Panel sequencing) covers several hundreds genes whose alterations are well known for their roles in the cancer pathology and that are targetable (i.e., actionable) by chemical or immunologic agents. In cancer patients, the target or panel sequencing has started to produce clinical relevant findings such as actionable mutations for the patients.


RNA-sequencing (Whole Transcriptome Sequencing, WTS) can quantify the level of individual genes and also identify the structural changes in the transcriptome.
These include the gene fusions and alternative splicing that also play roles in the development of cancers.


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